My Summer, So Far (part 6)

On the last weekend of June, I got to teach at Black Sheep Gathering, in Eugene, Or.


Here is a bonny participant, getting a new hairstyle.  She was somewhat vocal about the process.  And by vocal, I mean she sounded maa-aaaaaaad.


One of my students thought the top of her kilt hose made a better tiara.  I think I might agree.

And a Jenkins "Finch" spindle fluttered into my hands in the marketplace.  This one is a mere 12g of Burmese blackwood and maple.  It's for making cobwebs.  Or just holding in the palm of your hand.

All of which catches me up with you to the last of June, and the end of my Hand-in-a-cast Blog Hiatus.  

Oh, and someplace (?) in there, I made a new website, which required me to manually copy and paste over 800 blog posts and about 2000 photos.  With my hand in a cast.  Which is why, if you used to be a subscriber to my blog updates, you might now mysteriously not.  My precious subscriber list fell off the truck during the move.  Never fear: you can re-subscribe via the swell new button at the upper right of this page - please do!

Ever drag the last box into a new house and promise yourself you'll never move again?  That if you ever leave this place, it'll be feet first? That's how I feel about the new website.  I hope you like it, because we're staying put for a while.

I'm careening toward the deadline for my 5th book.  I'm planning a trip to Victoria BC where I will learn more about kilt tailoring, and I'm inventing a new class about slippers. 

So what have YOU been up to, Gentle Readers? Update us in the comments, won't you?