As a parent, you try and try to teach your values to the offspring.  Do your best on a daily basis to show them right from wrong.  Help them spot dangerous associations and steer away. 

And then, despite all your efforts to the contrary, it happens.

They make the Wrong Friend:

Yep: Lindsay; Darling Lindsay; girl after my heart in every way; has befriended A MOTH.

DSC_0027 (640x426).jpg

She found it sitting on the hot tub cover in the backyard.  Not moving.  "Dead", I declared, heartlessly.  "Dehydrated!" she countered, gathering sugar water and flower blossoms together for its Rock-Star recuperation.  Just look at Mothie!  Proboscis-deep in flower nectar, enjoying my clean china, plotting an invasion into my STASH! Is there no justice?  Have I taught NOTHING to my offspring??

I suppose Lindsay was right, because Mothie revived, and then flew away (Sigh of Relief).  Lindsay was heartbroken: "But she was my friend!" she wailed.  "That sort never appreciate anything, Lu," I try to console her.  "but at least our sweaters are safe!"  She glares at me and stomps off to her room. "Moth-ist!" she says; sotto voce.

There's just NO living with teenagers.