The Tortoise and the Jelly Fish

Things are heating up here at Mad Hatter Central.  My deadline is 09-03, by which time I need seven more hats (and their patterns) to be complete.

This is the part of book writing I like to call "Snivel and Twitch".  The process varies, but it usually includes one or more variations the following:

"But they're Knitting Needles, not Magic Wands!"

Nightmare where a hat unravels right on top of the model's head during the photo shoot.

"No, you guys go to the party/barbecue/beach/pool.  I have to work."

"Whose dumbass idea was this, anyway?"

It's okay though.  Yesterday I finished a tortoise hat, whose feet have actual tortoise toenails. Fairly pleased with myself.  And today its a Jelly Fish.  I know - jealous much?  My actual JOB is to knit a Jelly Fish.  I can't believe it.  My toughest day as a knitter is still better than my best day as a cubical-dweller.  

I can't wait to see what can be done with string today.