The Sum of its Parts

What could be more fun than working with brilliant artists?  Nothing, that's what. 

Once Upon A Time, Lisa Millman of Dicentra Designs and Sheila Ernst of Glasspens hatched a cunning plan whereby they would combine their dreamy yarn and gorgeous buttons into a knitting kit, with a pattern for a hat.

Excellent notion that it was, neither Sheila nor Lisa ever managed to find the time to design a hat.  Turns out they were both pretty busy making glass and yarn, respectively.  But then they proposed that I join in the fun by creating the hat pattern for them.  Well, if you insist, you fabulous geniuses, you. Ow, Ow; stop twisting my arm.

And that's how our project added up to more than the sum of its parts.  We proudly present: "Embers".

Kits Include

The Yarn: Dicentra Designs "Moonbeam"; a blend of 85% Polwarth wool and 15% Tussah silk.  Delicious much?  You will love it. And by "love", I mean "roll around on the floor with" it.

The Button:  Handmade flameworked glass by the incomparable Sheila Ernst.  It's a whole miniature world inside a perfect glass bubble.  Hold it up to the light and get lost in its depths.

The Pattern:  "Embers", by Yours Truly.  One size, to fit adults.  My idea of the perfectly balanced beret: soft, without being slouchy, tailored, without being severe.  Texture galore, and fun to knit.

Kits will be available on or about February 14th (Romantic!) from both Dicentra and Glasspens, for only $48.  Find both booths at a fiber gathering near you, and visit their websites, too.  This project is so new you may not see it on their websites yet, but you can send an e-mail to either artist to order.

I love it when a plan comes together.