The Jinks, They Were High

The Madrona Winter Retreat was everything we knitters and teachers could have hoped for:  Challenging classes, Marketplace brimming with covetable delights, Fantastic teacher/author presentations, and a Talent Show that raised over $14,000.00 for charity. 

My students kept me on my toes (you always do), including 5 steekmasters who finished their Thistle stoles in class.  The other 20 are right on their heels, as the photos they are sending me attest.  I am so proud of all of you.  I made 10 new stranded coloworkers, which fact tickles me to death.  And 16 of my new best friends workshopped ways to plan for the finishing of their next projects, before they even cast on.  Those are going to be some Dead Sexy projects, too, my friends.

And in between times, well, it was Madrona:

The Jinks 1.JPG

A diabolically clever beastie waited till I stepped away from my thistle stole and used it to yarnbomb the life-size horse lamp in the hotel lounge.  He's never looked better.

The Jinks 2.JPG

I got to sit next to the Hadron Collider of Knitting that is Amy Detjen, whose fabulous lavender nail polish and hair accessories were a perfect match to my thistles.

The Jinks 3.JPG

And Daniel Herrera used his luxurious beard to help Franklin Habit imagine what he would look like with hair.

You cannot make this stuff up.

If anybody needs me, I'll be taking a nap.  For, like, a month.