The Cobbler Goes Barefoot

Around this time last year, I fell prey to an epic fit of slipper knitting.  Such was my mania that almost everybody I love got slippers from me.  Big ones, little ones, and there at the last, a pair with chicken beaks.  They were loved by all, and even though it took a while, I ultimately got the slipper knitting germs out of my system.  Or so I thought.

See, my feet are cold.  And when I say "cold" I really mean "medieval instruments of torture", or at least that is what my husband reports.  It usually sounds more like "Aaarrrgggggg-get-get-gettemoffame!", but the translation is accurate.  My feet can be used to chill beer.  My feet, when placed in hot bath water, actually make a sizzling sound and emit steam.

And until yesterday, I did not own slippers.  No idea why.  Just never thought about it (yeah, I know: Mensa called back, they said "No, thanks.").

For some reason, yesterday I finally managed to get the idea that I should whip up a pair of those swell slippers for myself.  And whip them up, I did:

Cobbler 4.JPG

The vintage buttons have been hanging around in my collection for as long as I can remember.  I'm so pleased that they have finally found their rightful home.

I never had put leather soles on before, but it just seemed the thing to do.  I traced around my foot to make a pattern and cut out two opposing shapes.  Then I put a leather needle in my sewing machine (unthreaded) and stitched around the edges to make sewing holes.  I stitched them on by hand with waxed cotton thread, and Bob's Your Uncle:  Slippers for the coldest feet in the land.

I had planned to embroider monograms on the toes (still might do), but my excitement to try them out overcame me, and I had to stop sewing and start wearing.

My feet are warm.  I can't believe it.  I might have slept in them.