Sundays, We Go Shopping

I have finished my Desert Island sweater.  I even wore it last weekend, which surprised me a little because I'm usually out of love with my projects by the time I get them done, and I have to send them to time out for a while before I can bond with them as garments. 

And I'm also delighted to report that it's time to start the class sample for my Madrona Winter Retreat steeks class!  Which I am ready to do, having cleverly finished my periwinkle sweater (for once), right on time. 

Except the mailman still has my yarn.  So I can't start yet. 

And it would be dumb to start something else, because as soon as I do, the yarn will come, and there I'll be.  Yes, I do have the ability to put down one project and begin another, but it just seems like I should be able to control myself for like, A Day.  You know?  I've been catching up on other work instead.  I assaulted the north face of Mount Washmore.  Not that anyone could tell.  I finished the one last mitten thumb.  I hand-rolled hems onto some pretty pieces of silk I got to make scarves with.  I took stock of my dress shirt collection, re-sewed buttons and ironed them.  And when I couldn't find anything else to put it off with, I groomed the Scotties.  They were very good.  Well, 50% of them were very good.  Paisley was decidedly unhappy with the process, and Phillip had to hold her up for me to trim her feet.  But we all survived, and then endured the kitchen scouring that follows every dog-grooming (OCD + Dog hair near food prep areas = guaranteed 1/2 day scrubfest).  After that I decided we all needed a treat, so Lindsay and I loaded the pets up and we went for a doggie shopping trip:

I have it in my head that I really should knit them some sweaters.  But I've never made a dog sweater before, and the patterns I've seen don't look like they are quite right for a couple of long-backed, short-legged hooligans.  No, what's wanted here is Market Research.  We went to the pet store, and tried on sweaters.  Which turned out to be fun for 25% of us.  I did not enjoy squishing the struggling pups into ill-fitting doggy outerwear, and the pets liked it even less.  Lindsay, however, howled with laughter for the whole operation.  Just one more service I provide. 

We took home a couple of machine-sewn acrylic numbers, both for reference, and to keep the newly-shorn cozy while I work out my pattern.  A few new toys and treats may also have found their way into the cart.  Lindsay pointed out that I'm no longer trying to pretend not to be a weird Dog Lady.  "How do you know?" I asked.  "Um, your dogs have on sweaters and they're riding around in a shopping cart.  Which part has you confused, Mom?"  I'm still working on my snappy comeback.  So far, I got nothin.
I hope the yarn comes soon.  The Cats haven't got any sweaters either, I notice.