Sum It Up

One of my newly-minted goals for 2014 is to solidify my online persona.  Or, more succinctly, I'd like make it more clear to those who haven't met me yet, what sort of character I am.  I've been feeling that my digital presence might not reflect the real me as well as it might.

To that end, I've decided to formulate a Tagline.  Motto, slogan, warning label, call it what you will.  I need a few well-chosen words to sum up my product, my manifesto, my Mary-ness.

I've been soul-searching, and spit-balling, and random-slogan-generating.  I got Nuthin.

Everything I come up with sounds contrived, or pretentious, or just plain weird.  But of course, how else could it be?  I'm my own worst critic.  What's wanted here is a better perspective. 

Which is where You, Gentle Readers, come in.  I need a hand here, and I'm gonna make it worth your while.  Here's what I propose:

You:  Come up with your best Mary Scott Huff Hand Knitter tagline.  Something you think really distills the whole Mary experience.  You've knitted my patterns, you've read my writing, you've spent days with me in class:  Share with me how you might sum that up.  Post your slogan in the comments between now and next Monday, January 20, 2014.  Feel free to remain anonymous, if you wish, but do put an e-mail address of some kind on your comment, so that

I:  Can send you a free digital pattern!  It's going to be a surprise which one, and I'll send it to you on Monday, after all the comments are in. 

Do check back for what others have said too.  And if you wouldn't mind, let me know whether you've met me in person or not.

I know I can count on your creativity and imagination, Friends.  After all, who knows me and what I stand for better than you?