Stick it in a Drawer

If you have one, that is.  My new desk didn't yet, so I made some.  Pleased with myself?  Little bit.

I built plywood boxes to fit the lower cubbies in my desk.  The nice man at my home improvement center did the long cuts on a 4 x 8 sheet of 1/2" plywood for me so I could fit it in my car.  Then I made the short cuts at home using my miter saw.  I put each one together with glue and nails, which I sunk with a nail set and covered with putty.  After sanding, I applied two coats of white satin paint.

To add the graphics, I printed out the words and numbers from my computer, then traced them onto the drawer fronts using graphite paper (thanks for the tip, Aunt Sally - I think graphite paper may change my life!).  Then I painted them on by hand with shiny black craft paint.  I added drawer pulls (aren't they cute? I can put labels in them, too.  Think it'll look dumb if they all say "YARN"?), and glued some long strips of craft felt to the bottoms so they slide easily.

And I even had enough plywood scraps left over to make this:

The file label is a little metal picture frame.  I removed the easel back and drilled holes on each side so I could screw it down.
The ribbon goes through two holes I drilled in the back, and it hangs from a simple coat hook (just like my glasses, on the right - which I can now find!).

All that's left is to add a couple of shelves to divide the upper cubbies for small items, and my Ikea Hack will be complete.  The details:

1    1/2 " x 4' x 8' plywood sheet
4    Drawer pulls
1    sheet craft felt
wood glue
1" ring shank panel nails
sandpaper (I used 80, then 220 grit in my palm sander)
white satin finish interior latex paint
black shiny finish craft paint
graphite tracing paper

Cut list (done at home improvement center - go when they're' not busy)
6    13" x 4'
1    12" x 4'

Cut list (done by me)
8    13" x 13" fronts & backs
8    13" x 14" sides
4    12" x 14" bottoms

And the little wall file was put together with scraps, which I didn't even bother measuring.  The side panels have straight backs, with fronts angled at 15º.  It ended up about 12" wide and 9" high.  I hit it with a couple of coats of black spray paint and hung it from a ribbon.  Done and Done.

Knitters can do anything, right?