It's 90 degrees, here at Huff House today.  So naturally, I'm sitting under a pile of wool:


There are swatches, too, but I can't show you those yet.  I'm happily poised at the beginning of a brand new September Project.

Is there anything sweeter than the beginning of the knitting?  The idea is still new, the yarn pristine in its ball bands, and no math has happened (or failed to) that could threaten the unsullied beauty of my vision.  I cuddle the yarn in a blissful fugue, imagining its destiny fulfilled.

Oh New Project, I love you to distraction.  My desire to spend every waking moment with you insurmountable.  My other projects simper and whine from neglected corners: I only have eyes for you.  Nothing bad has ever happened between us, New Project, and I can convince myself that it never will.  That's right.  You, deer sweet New Project, will be the design that knits itself; your gauge perfect, your motifs exquisite, your fit divine.  And naturally, you will be finished long before your deadline.  Because that's how perfect you are.  I shall neither eat nor sleep, nor launder, until your completion is assured. 

You are the promise of every knitter's dream: This time, I'm totally going to get it right.