Spring Break

We took Monday afternoon off, to celebrate a day of clear weather which coincided with Phillip and the kids being out of school.  The wind at the beach was wicked, so I hunkered down in a sheltered spot and worked on JWS while the gang cavorted.

Spring Break 1.JPG

Notice anything new on JWS?  How about now?:

Spring Break 2.JPG

There's a finished neckline now!  Worried that I would run out of yarn, I pulled the opposite end from the center of my ball and worked the neckline ribbing from it, leaving the main working yarn in place at the bottom.  Once that was done, I returned to working the rest of the body.  I'm so close to the end!  Too bad I'm totally going to run out of yarn.  Story of my life.  On my tombstone, they will chisel "Failed to Estimate Yardage Correctly".

Trying not to let that knowledge harsh the rest of my afternoon, I grabbed some loved ones and squished them.

Spring Break 3.JPG

Good medicine, that.