Some Sleeves, and a Question

The JWS (Jane Wolff Scott) cardigan progresses:

Two sleeves!  Some things are just better in pairs.  Not that I remembered that as I was knitting the first sleeve entirely wrong.  Overcompensating for the negative ease in the sleeves of my first prototype, I left way too many stitches in this one, resulting in a frog, back to the armpit.  Which, if you are good at math, will tell you that I have actually knit three (3) sleeves for this sweater.  Not the appropriate number.  So it's a good thing that one of them no longer exists.

But the funny thing is, even in spite of that, this sweater is SO FAST to knit that I'm still time ahead, based on my highly scientific process of determining these things:  It feels like I'm getting done really quickly.

You know what's to love about this project?  It's not Rocket Surgery.  Now don't get me wrong; I'm as big a technique junkie as you'll ever find.  If it's got trickery, or thrill-seeking, or fiddle-factor, I'm there.  Usually.  But sometimes I just wanna make a sweater.  Without thinking too hard.  Or taking too long.  Or spending too much.

This sweater is that sweater.  

Which brings me to the question:  Shouldn't there be a pullover version, too? The only thing missing from this dreamboat is getting to work it in the round.  It could have a turtleneck.  Or not.  It could have waist shaping, adjoining the sexy side-cables.  Or not.  I could plug in a different 6-st cable in the raglans, just for fun.

Weigh in, Gentle Readers?  Should the JWS cardi have a daughter, who's a pullover?