Smells Like Monday

It's official:  It's only been Monday for 7 hours here, and the wheels have already fallen off the wagon.

Things I am not showing you today:

1.    Pictures of the Frog Prince sleeve that I have completed.  Black stockinette is simply not photogenic, and sexy as the gathers at the top of the sleeve are, it's just leaving me cold until it's actually attached to an armhole.

2.    Pictures of the super-fabulous tam I made for Dicentra and Glasspens.  I don't have the buttons yet, so I no reveal today.  Follow those links though, for a couple of big blasts of inspiration.

3.    Pictures of the adorable steampunk felted hat I made for Lindsay's birthday when I realized I couldn't blog the Dicentra/Glasspens tam.  I was totally ready to put the trims on it when I realized that they got left in the car yesterday.  That would be the car that Phillip took to work this morning, naturally.

So while it might seem as if I'm not doing anything interesting, that's only because I'm not doing anything interesting.  Nice work, Monday - good use of the one-car-family sucker punch.  Tuesday's around the corner though, and I'm not down for the count.

In the meantime, here's a shot of Bailey helping me knit Lindsay's hat yesterday:

Good help is so hard to find.