Sleeves at Season's End

Yesterday I tried racing the weather.  Our last bit of shiny October warmth was correctly predicted to end this morning.  And I still had two sleeves to block.  Not that it can't be done indoors, but it's never as fast, or delicious-smelling.  So I challenged myself to finish the second sleeve cap, and pin them both out before the sun set.

I made it.  Just.    

They were still damp when the sun went down and I had to move the whole works inside, but I still feel smug.

I can't believe how NOT tired of this stitch pattern I am.  It internalized really easily, and I love the rhythm of it.  I also love how I can just count repeats to see the landmarks for shaping: After 11 diamonds it's time for the armpit, etc.

The rain came this morning, and with it the end of the golden part of autumn.  It'll be strictly monsoons from now till next July.  I'm trying not to think about how it will be to watch Campbell's football practices, outside in the mud.  I *may* have ordered an enormously long down parka.  That will help a lot, but the real challenge is trying to knit while holding an umbrella.  I know:  First World problem.

I'll try to envision a solution while I knit the left front.  Indoors.