We've been short one bathroom around here, since the Incredible Exploding Toilet Incident.  The situation has been Super Dreamy.  Seriously; there is nothing like four semi-adults battling for bathroom supremacy.  All the time.  I thought I knew my family pretty intimately, but it turns out I was wrong.  Turns out our toilette strategies differ greatly.  Some of us are in and out like a precision drill, taking care of business with speed and efficiency.  Others, however, prefer a more leisurely pace, substituting, it would seem, the Loo for the Library.  I worry that those in the first category have been secretly plotting the demise of those in the second.  Don't ask me how I know.

There are other privileged First World families who share one throne all the time, and let me tell you, my respect for their daily struggle has really skyrocketed.  But I digress.  Remember this?  

Everything 2.JPG

It's the Before photo of Lindsay and Campbell's gutted bathroom, post-water damage.

Blessedly, our homeowner's insurance provided new drywall, flooring, and a pretty new vanity.  Contractors even repainted for us, which was a huge bonus, because I am up to my lips in knitting at the moment, with no time for such things.  What insurance didn't pay for, sadly, was an actual new toilet, or a plumber to install one.  We scratched up enough scratch (Thank you, Ravelry Pattern Sales!) to buy a new Seat of Power, and settled in to wait until the funds accumulated to hire the plumber.

And you know how good I am at waiting.

After a truly interminable period of looking at the big toilet box and longing to see the thing installed (almost one whole day), the Huff Ladies hatched a Cunning Plan.  Lindsay and I decided we should look into just how difficult toilet installation is.  I mean, indoor plumbing was invented by (no disrespect), GUYS, right?  How complicated could it be? 

Would you believe it?  Our new Potty has its own Movie!  You have to watch this.  I find it hilarious, which probably tells you more about me than about the product:


And there's another movie, too, which explains step by step how to install one of these!

Armed with an ipad, a YouTube video, and the strong desire to git-er-done, Lindsay and I (Wo)manned up and did the deed:

Royals 2.jpg

We are the Tzarinas of Toilet.  The Princesses of Piddle.  The Dutchesses of Dooky.  The Soverigns of, well, you get the idea. 

Here's another After photo:

And lo, there was peace throughout the land.  It's Good to be Queens.