Process Knitting

This is the winning swatch. I surprised myself by liking the width of the openwork panels; for some reason I had expected to prefer something narrower than the cables, but there you have it: there is no accounting for taste, especially my own.  I was so happy with it that I actually washed and blocked it.  Can you see the halo?  Peace Fleece is 70% wool and 30% mohair, which is a delicious combination of crunchy and fluffy.  Love. It.

I spent more of yesterday trying to remember how to execute a Channel Islands cast on than I care to admit.  Even the videos online baffled me.  I finally returned to my old friend THIS BOOK, in which I was properly sorted.  Turns out there's a YO between the bumps. Duh.  And then I decided the whole lower edge treatment was not working.  Frogged the 7th version of 149 sts.  I'm not out of ideas yet, though.  What's 149 sts to a maniac like me, anyway?  I'm starting over.  Could it be that I'm finally becoming a process knitter?  Sure. And fluffy white sheep are gonna fly outta my butt, too.