Pinky Promise

During my last bicycle ride, a speed bump unexpectedly rose up to meet me.  And by "rose up", I mean that's what it seemed like.  Actually, it was a case of me falling down to meet it.

Don't worry: My beautiful bicycle is undamaged.  I broke its fall with my body.

In addition to a black eye, a skinned knee, and more bruises than I can count, my right pinky finger is broken, as shown.  And my pride is kinda banged up, too. 

Because this type of break is known as "unstable" (is there a "stable" broken bone?), it will have to be operated on before it can be immobilized in a cast.  I won't find out how one makes a broken pinky finger stable until Friday, when I see the Bone Man. 

I'm thinking there will be some sort of spackle involved.

So for the next little while, keyboarding will be pretty uncomfortable, and knitting, sadly, impossible.  Know what's worse than knitting with a broken finger?  Not knitting.  So bear with me, Gentle Readers, if the blog posts get a little thin on the ground: I promise to heal as fast as I can.

I always suspected exercise was dangerous.  Now I have proof.