Mi Scalloped Border es su Scalloped Border

I only know a few key phrases in the Language of Lace, without any real mastery or context (and my accent is probably terrible).  I'd say I'm just fluent enough in Lace to order a beverage and locate the loo.

Fortunately for me, a little lace goes a really long way most of the time, so I use it with restraint, and repeat elements wherever possible, for continuity and cohesion (or at least, that's the goal).

Case in point:  Gentle Reader Millie sweetly asked about the border I used in my EPS cardigan, which made me think you might like to experiment with it too.  It's super-simple, and the repeat is so short you can easily stick it just about anywhere.  I combined mine with 2 x 2 ribbing, but there are lots of other ways and places to use it.  Here's the chart for you (feel free to reproduce and share):

Mi Scalloped 2.jpg

Cast on a multiple of 6, plus one.  Row 1 is worked from the WS.  My photo shows a cable CO, but long-tail would be pretty, too, and has the advantage of starting with the WS facing for the first row. 

Remember that this needs to be worked from the bottom up, so if you want to put it on the cuff of a sleeve, like I did, you'll probably want to work that sleeve from the bottom up, too.  I thought of that too late and had to resort to grafting acrobatics.  Oops.

Other than that small requirement, you'll find that this is a very well-behaved little edging; one that will be welcome in lots of interesting places.  Where will you find to put it?