Lucky Cat

Surprising me (gobsmacked, actually, but I tried to be cool) Lindsay picked up her knitting again.  She's been doing other things for a while, like acting in plays and playing the bass guitar, so I didn't expect her to get back to knitting any time soon.  But there it is:  Smallies live to surprise us. 

She needed cat ears, and right away.  "How do I knit triangles, Mom?"  I drew her a chart.  "Can you take me to get a headband, Mom?"  I got the car keys.  "Think I could cover the headband, Mom?" I told her how to work knitted cord.  Didn't even have to show her - just told her verbally and off she went.  My kid can knit!  What a Mother's Day present!  She doesn't even know she gave it to me.

We felted them and put them together.  "Do you think we could make a pattern for these, to give away?  Other knitters need lucky cat ears, too."  Yes we can.  CLICK HERE to get your free Lucky Cat pattern.

Lucky Knitters.  Lucky Mom.  Prosperity and Joy for all.  Happy Mother's Day!