I Dream in Stockinette

I Dream.jpg

If it's true that dreaming is how we solve our waking problems, then I'm going to have everything figured out pretty soon.  Last night I knit a slipper in my sleep.  7 times. 

I swear I am not making this up: I woke up seven times last night, and each time I went back to sleep, I dreamed about knitting the same slipper.  Not coincidentally, it was the slipper I frogged right before turning in.

Most of you would categorize me as a compulsive somewhat focused individual.  No secret there.  But I have to wonder: If I can't even escape my need to knit long enough to take a nap, are things getting a little out of hand?

And more troubling than that; not only was I knitting the same slipper over and over in my sleep; I was knitting it wrong.  It would be different if I were happily working on some knitting that was relaxing and fulfilling in my dreams.  But no, I was tearing out and reknitting the same stupid slipper toe every time.  And even waking all the way up, telling myself to think about something else, and going back to sleep didn't break the loop.

My subconscious is like a dog with a bone.  I gotta go sort out a slipper toe.  And then I'm taking a nap.