Here's the Windup

Heres the 1.JPG

Some people think I'm kidding when I say I  play with string all day.  You, Gentle Readers, know better.  These are the mini-skeins my students get in their kits for "Knitting Behind the Wheel".  They look so beautiful I can hardly stand it.  Each kit contains:

        16g balls of worsted-weight wool in 12 colors, plus black
        Artists' color wheel
        Color Wheel Bag pattern
        Dorset Button form

Over the course of the workshop we learn color theory, how to use the color wheel, tips and tricks for choosing colors without theory or wheels, modular knitting, applied knitted cord, and Dorset button-making.  Whew! 

I'm so excited for class tomorrow.  And there are still 3 spaces available for drop-in students!  Just come to the fairgrounds and visit the registration kiosk before class, which begins at 9.  Whatever you had planned for tomorrow, I promise this is more fun.