Here's the Windup

And what might be happening here, you ask?  Why only the ball-winding preparations for my fabulous "Knitting Behind the Wheel" class, which I'm teaching on Sunday!  All the students receive a kit containing 13 colors of yarn, a fun pattern to use them with, and their very own color wheel.  In addition to how to use a color wheel (and why you might want to), students in this class learn how to work an applied knitted cord and make a Dorset button, too.  

I'm also teaching "Stranded in Your Hat", an introduction to stranded colorwork knitting, and "Eeek! Steeks!", where we learn three ways to cut open knitting.  There are spaces remaining in all three classes, so if you are close enough to take a beautiful drive 45 minutes east of Portland, come and play with us in Hood River. 

The Columbia Gorge Fiber Festival is celebrating its third year, and guess who's coming to dinner?  None other than the fabulous Carson Demers, Knitwear Designer, Fiber Arts Ergonomics Specialist, and personal BFF:  There are spaces available in his classes, too, so there is no reason to resist - join us!

Here's The 2.jpg

Here is a picture of the beautiful Hood River, Oregon, for those too far away to see it in person (make a plan for next year!).  

Here's The 3.jpg

The other wonderful teachers at the festival are HERE, and their classes are to die for.  Oh, and the marketplace includes the likes of Dicentra Designs, Sincere Sheep, Abstract Fiber, and many more!  And if all that weren't enough, Saturday is my birthday, so all my students will get to watch me turn 39 again.  What more could you possibly wish for?  See you there!