From Head to Toes


I'm shifting gears.  I just buttoned up my book about hats, so now it's time to think about slippers.  Crazy slippers, cozy slippers, cute slippers, surprising slippers.  I'm really excited about this project, for several reasons:

        1.        I'm not a slipper authority.  In fact, I've really only made one kind before, so I get to consume a lot of knitting knowledge in a big hurry to learn.  My best technique writing happens in this kind of situation, because I'm less prone to assume prior experience on the knitters' part.  If I just figured something out myself, I'm less likely to skip explaining a step.

        2.        For the first time ever, I get to work with a publisher and editor I already know.  It might not seem like a big deal, but not having to reinvent the entire process wheel for this project is super luxurious.  It feels a little like I know what will happen.  (Knitting Gods, insert smite here).

        3.        And the biggest deal of all:  This is my fourth book, and I finally have the sample knitting and the season synched up.  For once, I'm going to be knitting cozy projects by the fire, during the winter months, like God intended.  I don't mean to complain, because knitting is good in all seasons.  But it's less enchanting to sit under a giant wool turtleneck in August than in November, no matter when your deadline is.

It's time for me to surf the learning curve, so help a girl out, won't you?  Tell me, Gentle Readers, what's your favorite book, pattern or construction technique for slipper-making?