Flower Of Scotland

I never know where the next inspiration will come from.  Last month's National Geographic Magazine came and Lindsay, as usual, was the first to grab and devour it.  Passing behind her with an armload of (what else?) laundry, I caught sight of the photo she was looking at:

photo by Marcelin Bonnard

photo by Marcelin Bonnard

Although my mind was anywhere but on work at that moment, I knew exactly what to do for this year's Eeek! Steeks! class project at the Madrona Winter Retreat.  A rectangular stole, with Thistles.  I dropped the laundry like a bad habit and sat down to draw a chart.

Then I sent the chart, some photos, and a vague wish list to the lovely and talented Lisa Millman of Dicentra Designs.  Lisa is a lady who knows her way around a dye pot, and let me tell you, she took the bit in her teeth:

This is one of the photos Lisa and I passed back and forth:  My chart, a photo and her yarn colors.  Pretty sure Lisa loves her job as much as I do.

Here are the finished skeins.  Bonnie Prince Charlie himself could not wish for a more Thistle-icious palette.  Super. Sexy. Yarn. 

And it's arrived just in time to prevent me from climbing the draperies, too.  I'm casting on today, and the laundry will have to suffer on without me.

I thought it would be fun to blog the process of making the kits and sample this year, for the intrepid souls who choose to join me in class.  For those who don't know, the homework for my epic Eeek! Steeks! class is to complete the knitting of an exclusive design, for which I send you the kit.  Class lasts for 6 hours.  During the first half, I teach three different steeking techniques.  Then in the second half, everyone chooses their favorite technique, cuts and finishes their project with me there to hold hands and help.  It's the most fun I have all year.  And that's saying something, because I know how to have fun, and I do a damn fine job of it the other 364 days.

This class holds a select 24 students, so if you'd like to join in the fun, stay tuned HERE for the registration lottery.  As before, if you'd like to have this year's kit without taking the class, they'll be available for sale in the Madrona marketplace.  To have a kit put aside for purchase in your name, drop me a line so Lisa and I can make sure to make enough kits.  The kit is exclusive to the Madrona Winter Retreat, so if you can't make it there yourself, find a friend who'll be attending HERE to pick it up for you.  Pricing for non-student kits has not been finalized yet, but we'll let you know asap.

If anybody needs me, I'll be the one neglecting the laundry in favor of a yarn-induced joy spiral.