Ferocious Knitting

Have you been wondering what I'm up to?  Just my usual fire-breathing.  Here's the exclusive design for 2014's Madrona Winter Retreat; "Dragons":

Ferocious 2.jpg
Ferocious 3.jpg
Ferocious 4.jpg
Ferocious 5.jpg

Believe it or not, there are only three colorways used in this year's design! 


"Dragons" is made from Abstract Fiber "Alto", 100% BFL Sport, and yes, it's going to be a kit.  All Madrona attendees can buy them at the retreat, and each "Eeeks! Steeks!" student will receive one with their paid class registration.


The finished scarf measures 73" long x 10" wide.  There is a dragon at each end, whose tails are intertwined down the length of the piece, meeting in a love knot in the center.


Fierce, much?  You know you are.  My "Eeeks! Steeks!" students will receive their kits in December, then knit their scarves as homework (Tip: you'll need size 2 and 3 circular needles in 60" lengths). Those who wish to will be able to complete their scarf in class, cutting and finishing the steek (while your teacher and classmates cheer you on).  And if you're not a maniac who wants to leave class with a finished scarf, you'll still learn three techniques for working a steek, ready for application whenever you wish.


If you'll be attending the Madrona Winter Retreat and would like to reserve kits for pickup at the marketplace, please e-mail me at mary@maryscotthuff.com (or use the "contact" tab on my homepage).  I'll make sure your kit(s) are reserved in your name. Sorry, this year's kit is only available for purchase at the Madrona Marketplace.  Can't make it to the retreat this year?  Not to worry; the pattern will be available to the wide world, this time next year.  


It might be cold outside, but things are nice and warm where the Dragons are.