Baa Baa Black Sheep

Every June, the Lane County Fairgrounds in Eugene are taken over by shepherds, spinners, knitters, dyers, and sheep lovers of every ilk.  Soon it will be time for:

There are sheep...

A Spinners' walk...

And this year, for the first time ever...

Me!  I'm teaching two classes on Friday, the 21st.  So here's what let's do:  You take the day off from whatever non-sheepy thing you would normally be doing, and I'll teach you all about steeks, or about how to get started with stranded colorwork knitting.  That way, we BOTH will be having a super fun time playing with string, instead of just me. 

Then after class, we'll succumb to the delights of the marketplace, pet the sheep, and generally revel in the glory that is the Pacific Northwest's premier sheep and wool festival.

Registration closes on June 8, so hurry and sign up!  CLICK HERE!

There's still plenty of time to concoct a good story for the boss, but if you need help, here are a few suggestions:

1.    I'm having Eye Trouble (I just can't see coming in to work).

2.    I'm feeling great, but I think I'll stay home just so I don't get sick.

3.    I got a sunburn at a nude beach and now I can't wear clothes.

4.    I have to leave town immediately; my mother in law is coming.

5.    Attending fiber festivals is therapeutic, and therefore increases future productivity.  It's not missing work, it's enhancing my worth as an employee.  This company is lucky I care so much.

There's bound to be one in there you haven't used yet.  See you there!