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Thank you, Thank you, Gentle Readers, for your kind words of get-well-itude, and encouragement to enjoy my three days of not knitting.  Thank God that's over.  The family and pets all survived my short hiatus, but I didn't do much of a job enjoying it.  Everything I could think of to distract myself with also called for the use of thumbs, so other than reading and sleeping, there wasn't much I was good for.  I admit that I did try to "sneak-knit" a few times, but Some People kept calling me out and saying I was only going to prolong my own grief.  Lindsay and Campbell never let me get away with anything.

Fortunately, the "respite" is behind me, and I'm happy to say that I am able to knit again, with certain limitations.  The huge stoopid cartoon bandage on my thumb is cumbersome, and I lack the ability to pinch my fingers without pain.  Who knew how much of my knitting is actually pinching?  I found that I could compensate by using my index finger against the tip of the needle to advance the stitches along.  That worked really well, until the stiletto needle started to inflict damage on that digit.  Undaunted, I retrieved a leather thimble from the sewing box.  Of course, it's sized for my middle, not my index, so it kept popping off.  After which I applied some of this swell bandage-tapey stuff they gave me at the hospital to keep it on.  Not weird at all.  Much.  But I AM knitting, which is all that matters.  Because you cats who are joining me at Madrona for Eeek! Steeks! must have your kits, and I must know how much yarn to put in them.  So there it is.  Slowly.  Knitting.  Thistles.

They are pretty, though, and totally worth the effort.

Oh, I did do something useful with my three days of down time:  Thank you for the suggestion that I design something new.  I came up with a swell idea to help out a friend, which I'll tell you all about next time.