A Little Something Before Takeoff

I'm leaving for the Madrona Winter Retreat tonight, which means packing, and more packing.  And listmaking, and more packing.  I could invade another country with fewer supplies than it takes to teach a knitting class.  Bizarrely, I realized in the midst of my preparations that I have no knitting to take with me. I worked so hard to have all my projects buttoned up before Madrona that I actually did it, which means there's no knitting to do.  Cue panicky fainting spell.

The Scotties had to revive me by first pushing loud-smelling bacon-flavored treats under my nose, then noisily crunching them. 

Once restored, I did a stash-dive, which reminded me that I've been meaning to spend some quality time with this:

Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock Heavyweight, in "Vancouver Violet".  It's been earmarked for a short springtime something-or-other ever since I got it, and I think it's finally time. 

I picked this to make with it:

"Miette", by Andi Satterlund (CLICK HERE). It's got a lot of qualities I don't usually get to play with, such as:

1.        Someone else's pattern (you mean I don't have to do all the math?  YAY!)
2.        Worked top-down
3.        Heavier gauge than I usually work in
4.        3/4 sleeves
5.        Bust darts.  I think I've made bust darts before, but I can't remember when, so it must be time for a refresher.
6.        Someone else's pattern (I know; it's worth saying again), so I can work on it while talking to other people, riding in a car, or otherwise using other parts of my brain to do things besides Sweater Math.  Or as is more accurately my experience; Wrong Sweater Math.  Pretty excited about it.

Now, as I launch into the whirlwind (or more accurately, Force of Nature) that is the Madrona Winter Retreat, I am fortified by the knowledge that no matter what else happens, at least I have something to knit. 

Amazing how the timely administration of medicinal knitting can help get one off the ground.