What is it About a Suitcase?

Patchwork Illusions quilt – STACKED AND WRAPPED By Karen Combs

Patchwork Illusions quilt – STACKED AND WRAPPED By Karen Combs

This is a beautiful quilt.  Absolutely no doubt about it.  And it should be; it was made by a real working fiber artist.  Karen Combs is a traveling fiber arts teacher, author and designer.  And this gorgeous work of Karen's hands and heart has been stolen.  This beautiful piece and all its sample-case brethren, along with everything Karen needs to teach a class, were taken through the broken window of her rental car when she taught in New Braunfels, Texas, this weekend.  That suitcase holds a lifetime of Karen's work, and is totally irreplaceable. 

Ask me how I know.

If you live in Texas, or anywhere else where the quilts could have ended up, please, please please, help Karen look for her lost loves.  And keep looking.  The two sweaters I got back were found by a knitter in a thrift store months later, because she never forgot what happened to me.

What a world.  I'm hoping that Karen will receive the love and kindness of her friends and students the way that I did when my samples were stolen.  The Knitters are Good.  And the Quilters are, too. 

Do your magic for dear Karen, won't you?  Send her your love, send her your righteous indignation. Send her your prayers for peace and comfort.  And if you quilt, or know somebody who does, buy a book (or two) from her, because replacing all her work is going to cost a fortune, when she's brave enough to start.  Can you imagine even the cost of a case big enough to hold a quilt collection?  Take it from me: the very best thing you can do to help is to buy books, tools and fabrics from Karen, because without her samples she's likely to lose precious teaching jobs, like I did. 

Click to go shopping at Karen's Store.

Please spread the word to keep a weather eye out for the quilts.  Close ranks around dear Karen like you did for me.  She will learn, like I have, that the power of love is greater than the agony of loss.