Tell Me a Story

A few posts back, I hinted that a contest was coming.  Today's the day, Gentle Readers!  First, The Prize:

Your very own autographed copy of my big fat new book:  304 pages of colorful goodness; All for You.

Now, The Contest:

Make up a story containing references to these 5 objects:  A paperweight, A sock-in-progress, a pink rose, a bottle of purple fountain pen ink, and a set of 10 sparkly antique buttons.

Your story can be any length, in any format (Limerick? Mystery Thriller? Romance? Haiku?).

Only 2 rules apply:

        1.    You must reference all 5 of the objects pictured above.
        2.    You have to send me your story by 12:00 Noon PST on Tuesday, May 29, 2012.

Please put "Tell Me A Story" in the subject line of your entry, and e-mail it to me at

With permission of the author, the winning story will be a featured Post, right here on this very Blog!  I can't wait to see what you Clever Beasties come up with...