Silly Rabbits

I thought I got the Rabbit Problem out of my system a couple of months ago.  Clearly I was wrong.  My big brother asked me to please make these for his best friend's Easter present.  He especially wanted them to be every crazy color in the world, for which I just happened to have the perfect yarn.  Imagine.

I think they look like they are made out of candy.  Which should please my big brother, who is famous for his weapons-grade sweet tooth.  His doctor told him to make sure his diet included lots of different colored foods, so he bought the BIG bag of M&M's.  He also makes a regular habit of sending money to my children with strict instructions to hit post-holiday candy sales.  The days after Halloween, Christmas, Valentines Day and Easter are almost as big around our house as the holidays themselves.  And our dentist will get to build a vacation house in Spain.  Everybody wins.

Hoppy Easter!