Second Language

I've been knitting in Japanese again.  There is something so compelling to me about the way the drawings for these designs are made.  Following them is like being able to play music, without ever reading the score.  It's knitting distilled to its very essence, with nothing superfluous.  It makes me wish I could write patterns without any prose instructions at all.  Maybe one day I'll try...

I didn't have enough yarn to make the long sleeves and turtleneck called for in the pattern, but I kinda like it this way.  As though Spring might come one day, after all.  Not today, but one day.

I like the way the cables and openwork alternate.  This is my first time working cables without a cable needle - I had to figure it out because I lost the cable needle - and it wasn't as hard as I thought.  

Bailey tried to help me figure out the name of the book this is in, but ultimately we both gave up. Turns out he only barks Gaelic.