Nose to the Grindstone. Honest.

Yarnover is the annual fiber festival day hosted by the Minnesota Knitters Guild.  They've been throwing this party for 25 years, if you can imagine, and this year, they invited me!

A few of the other teachers are Clara Parkes, Amy Singer, Beth Brown-Reinsel and Nancy Bush.  Somebody pinch me.

I'll be teaching "Mad Hatters", which is all about designing your own charted motifs for stranded colorwork, and "Eeek! Steeks!", in which we take scissors to our knitting. Big. Fun.

After that, my pal Maria and I are going to celebrate our birthday (which is on the same day!) by making trouble, of the sort which probably involves yarn.  And chocolate.  It's really tough duty, but somebody has to do it.

I've never been to Minnesota before, so I'll tell you all about it when I get home.  Assuming I come back - I make no promises as long as the yarn and chocolate hold out.

And while I'm away, I'll be hatching a Cunning Plan.  I think it's time for a CONTEST to celebrate the launch of my new book, on May 8, don't you?  Start warming up your creative muscles: you're gonna love it.