Knitting Behind the Wheel


This is the yarn kit for my new class, "Knitting Behind the Wheel".  And no, we won't be knitting in the car (this time).  I mean, of course, the Color Wheel!  And in the class we will be playing with color by exploring different combinations within our knitted class project.  Students will each get ALL this yarn, a pattern, and their very own personal color wheel!  The goal for the class is to understand the basic rules of color theory, and then break them.  Cause that's how we knitters roll.  You'll leave class with your project in process, and a clear map for how to finish it.  Once completed, your class project will serve as a living color combination "dictionary", as well as a beautiful felted bag.  What could be better?

The class lasts for 6 hours, and is being sponsored by the Fort Vancouver Knitters Guild.  It takes place on Saturday, September 29th, from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.  Click HERE to request further information.

This class is a great example of what happens when knitters ask me to teach something special for them: I wouldn't have thought of it without their suggestions. And as always, if you'd like to have me come and teach (this class or any other) at YOUR local guild, LYS or knitting group, I'm all yours for the asking.  Just drop me a line!  And yes, I do kids' parties.  But I do find that my DPNs sometimes pop my balloon animals.