I spent last weekend with knitters, spinners, teachers, and yarnies of all sorts at the Columbia Gorge Fiber Festival.

I saw a Canada Goose mommy (look carefully, in the foreground) take her flock of wee goslings out for a swim while I was relaxing between classes.

The Marketplace did a brisk business, and lots of knitters stopped by my book signing.  Everybody seemed to enjoy seeing the trunk show samples for my new book.

Gorge 3.JPG

The weather was so extraordinary that a sock and I actually had breakfast outside!  We both enjoyed both the scenery, and the coffee.

Did I mention the Knitters?  A fearless lot joined me for introductory stranded colorwork, and an even more intrepid bunch let me show them how to cut their knitting with scissors.  All lived to tell the tale, which is good, because I enjoyed them so much that I want to get to play with them again sometime.

Only in its second year, this Fiber fest already has a devoted following, and a very special energy all its own.  The participants all appreciate its being there so much, and its organizers work hard to create a top-notch experience for everyone.  In addition to the savage beauty of the surroundings (if you've never seen the Columbia River Gorge, do yourself a favor and make it a priority to visit), the festival has an intimate and relaxed vibe.  Nobody was in a hurry, and everybody I met was downright joyful to be there.  I'm definitely hoping to teach there again.

Now I'm home, and working on a Top Secret project, which of course is killing me to not tell you about.  There's a sick kid here.  And the laundry pile is a little bit menacing.  I think I wanna go back to the Gorge.