Friends Who Make String


What a time this is to be a knitter.  We are surrounded by the most beautiful yarn and fiber in the world, and all of it a mere mouse click away.  And that's just when we stay home!  Venture out to a knitting event, retreat or festival and the choices in those marketplaces will further blow your mind.  Even an innocent trip to your favorite LYS will expose you to treasures beyond reckoning. 

I have the unique honor to have made the acquaintance of some of the most talented stringmakers in the world.  I have gone to their workrooms and seen their processes.  In every case they have welcomed me in, trusted me with their secrets, and even asked for my input. 

This unparalleled access to the magic world of hand dyers has taught me so much about the wonder of color.  My friendships with these artists are the source of endless inspiration and delight.

Breathing this rare air, has also given me the opportunity to observe some very clever businesswomen at work.  Independent artists face professional challenges that require a level of ingenuity and  resourcefulness that would challenge Warren Buffet.  All the artistic talent in the world won't help you get the taxes done.  And creative as you may be, unless you know how to apply all your great ideas to running a business, you might find the wolf at your door.  These unique people have to be the best at what they do, both artistically, and in commerce.

All of which leads me to tell you about a special opportunity.  Right now, we knitters have a chance to help out some of our favorite makers-of-string, with a few simple mouse clicks.

Our friends at Abstract Fiber have applied for a Chase Small Business Grant.  In order to qualify, they need 250 votes on Facebook.  To help them out, click HERE, type in the search box "Abstract Fiber", and vote for them.  That's all.  You'll have helped some super-smart business people to keep making beautiful string for us.

Many Thanks.  Keep Knitting.

UPDATE:    Mission Accomplished - thank you for your votes!