Domestic Bliss

As promised, Phillip tackled the Very Tall Hallway painting project this weekend:

Happy Father's Day Honey!  Now get back up there...

He did a great job, and now the project we have been dreading for six years is finally done.  While he worked on that, I finished these:

Fraternal Dogwoods!  I'm channeling my inner Lucy Neatby (she never wears matching socks.  Or shoes, for that matter).  I love how they look in this yarn.

And notice anything else in these pictures?  Yep, I'm doing the floors.  It's gonna take all summer, but what you see me standing on here is nothing less than a papier-mache floor.  It's really fun to do, and super easy.  It just takes a long time to apply and dry the 5 coats of varnish required.  And keeping children, Scotties, and husbands out of wet varnish is its own special form of exercise.  I'm doing one small area at a time so we can (allegedly) walk around the wet spot.  I'll keep you posted. 

This week I'm altering a friend's wedding gown, delivering a top-secret Lantern Moon project, papering the floor, and with any luck, banging out the final version of the Queen Bee edits.  I had to camp out online to hit it at the precise second it came available, but I actually scored a "Featured Pattern" ad on Ravelry.  Watch for it to appear on July 16!  The pattern will be available no later than that date.

Same thing we do every day:  Try to take over the world.  Without stepping in the varnish.