Buzzing Along

Work continues on the Queen Bee.  I have passed the point where I realized the whole thing had to be redone last time, which seems to be a requirement before I can put a disaster behind me.  I still can't believe I made an entire extra FOOT of fabric before noticing it was looking a bit big...

You'll notice the body tube is getting smaller as I go.  This is a huge big deal for me:  I'm making it a V-Neck.  I hate V-Necks.  In spite of every person, book, film or article I have ever consulted on the subject telling me that V is the best possible neckline for me, I hate them.  They make me feel naked.  And cleavage-y.  Not that I actually AM either of those, but necklines of the V persuasion just feel like somebody else's clothes to me. 

So why do it?  Because this sweater seems to want to be V'd.  And because everybody else loves V's.  And because I haven't ever made a V-Neck cardigan before.  So there you have it:  My realization that other people, some of whom might like to knit my designs, have different tastes than mine, and should be accommodated.  Plus I hate doing things the same way every time, and busting out of my comfortable groove is good for me.  Let's hope it works out.

I'm making my sample short and croppy, but the pattern will tell you how to make one that's long and tunic-y, too, if you prefer.  I'm just in a hurry to be wearing it, and being on the short and croppy side, myself, that seems like a good decision.  Again, only Time and the Knitting Gods will tell.