Buzz Gets Out

A student of mine from Montana was blowing through town and invited me to lunch.  She asked me to recommend a yarn shop where we could meet, so I suggested Happy Knits, in southeast Portland.

What do you suppose I found when we got there?

Some baby Bees, realized in subtle, earthy shades of Shetland Spindrift.  I love this sweater a little bit more every time another knitter makes one.

I never get over the thrill of seeing a book that I made on the shelf in somebody's store, but this, this is another level of delight, entirely.  There'll be no living with me now.

I autographed all their copies of my book.  If you don't have one yet, please drop by this gorgeous shop and get one.  If you do, stop in anyway and pet the beautiful yarn.  They encourage that sort of behavior there; hence the Happy-ness.  And if distance prevents you from doing either of those, you can even get dreamy things from them online, next time the spirit moves you.