Aptly Named


This week I had the great good fortune to play with Scrumptious, a super-dreamy yarn which is being distributed in the USA by Lantern Moon.

Scrumptious is an unusual blend of 45% Silk and 55% Superwash Merino.  As you might expect with that fiber content, this yarn has an extraordinary sheen and luster.  It's available in a nice range of different weights, so it was hard to pick my favorite.  I chose a gorgeous, ropy Aran, and my favorite weight for almost everything in knitting, Sport.

I made some swatches and some sketches (I still cannot believe I get to do this for my JOB!), and then went back to Lantern Moon with my ideas.

Would you believe it?  Lantern Moon has trusted me with the first-ever American designs for Scrumptious!  The first samples will debut at TNNA in June, with availability of the whole mini-collection coming to you this fall. 

If loving string is wrong, I don't wanna be right.