Actual Size

I'm home from my wanderings.  My husband emphasized to me that my actual time away was "ELEVEN WHOLE DAYS".  He also has discovered that he is "Only ONE Person!" (not sure what his count was before this).  In my absence, Mount Washmore, the active Laundry-cano in our home, erupted.  I think more than once.  Objects in mirror are closer than they appear:

And no, in case you were going to give my family credit for at least sorting it into these baskets, they didn't.  In fact, it even gets better:  In the laundry room, I have installed one of those plastic grocery bag storage devices you get from Ikea.  I use it to hold orphaned socks until their mates can be located, or I lose the will to search, whichever comes first.  While I was gone, this happened to it:

That's right.  Every single sock that came out of the dryer for eleven days was placed in it.  Which means that my family is unaware that the pairing up of clean socks is a MANUAL PROCESS.  They actually think this device will do it for them.   

I'm calling it Soxidermy.  A realistically preserved, wall-mounted head, made entirely of abandoned hosiery.  Its eyes follow me around the room.  Creepy.

Once I get to the bottom of this, I'll mount an assault on Mount e-mail, the active correspondence-cano.  Then I'll start winding yarn for the KAL.  I don't love this order of operations, but the clean underwear-o-meter went into the red around here sometime last Tuesday, so desperate times call for desperate measures.  We who are about to fluff and fold salute you.