You CAN Judge a Book by its Cover

Look what Phillip stumbled upon at!:

He claims to have been looking for something else, but I think he sorta digs it that he can look up his wife at the bookstore.

The official release date is April 24, but you can pre-order a copy HERE, if you'd like to save a bit.  Or, if anybody asks you what you'd like for Christmas...

Know what I love most about this cover?  It's not blue.  Take a quick survey of your knitting bookshelf (closet, room, wing, or outbuilding), and I bet you'll be surprised to find how many of your knitting books have blue covers.  I have no idea why this is the case, but you can bet that the publishers do.  There's probably some market research somewhere that says knitters are highly strung, and we need soothing colors on our book covers to keep us from running amok and poking people with our pointy sticks.  Like that would help.  Well, not only is this one not blue, it's all the way over into the Danger Zone of Orange and Purple!  Clearly the good people at Wiley Publishing are not afraid of what the knitters will do under the influence of bright book covers.

Those who have met me can probably attest that this cover is a good indication of the spirit of the author.  So while my input to the cover design was minimal, I did get to suggest which project should appear, and I think it really reflects my style.

Oh, and here's a bit of trivia for you:  Although photos of my hands appear throughout the whole volume, those on the cover belong to a model.  You can tell, because she's a Continental knitter, and I knit English-style.  Now you can really impress your friends with your inside knowledge.  Just one more service we provide.