Every year the Smallies and I choose a few new ornaments for the Christmas tree.  We always get the pretty blown-glass ones from Germany, and we try to choose the ones we think symbolize what was important to us during the prior year.

This year Lindsay learned that keeping a fish aquarium may be more work than a girl as busy as she is wants to commit to (we lost several specimens, and there were, um, discussions).  She thought this beautiful Koi might be the right sort of fish for her: sparkly, elegant, and non-biological.  Campbell took up the guitar this year, so we were delighted to find this perfect replica of his beloved six-string waiting for us.  I picked the owl, because a dear friend says I remind her of a baby owl, and calls me "Hufflett".  I'm hoping it will help me Wise Up.  Paisley (our black scottie dog) got a fire hydrant, because we already have a black scottie dog ornament to match her.  And the white scottie is our favorite this year, because it's our first Christmas with Bailey.  We think it might be his first Christmas ever - he's a rescue dog, and it's hard to imagine that he'd know much about festivities, based on where he came from.

So in a way, the annual ornament gathering is our Huff family Year in Review.  What was important to you in 2011?