Supplemental Bunny Update #1

Oh, did I mention that I have never made slippers, or footwear of any sort, before? 

This is fun.  And by "fun", I mean "No chance of achieving anything more useful today than the making of Bunny Slippers".  Tomorrow's not looking good, either.  My experience is giving new meaning to the phrase "Down the Rabbit Hole".

Here are the bunnies after one trip through the front-loader, with hot water, and some jeans for company:

Bunny Update 1.jpg

The transformation, while impressive, is not complete, in my judgement.  I can still see light through them, and the stitches are still fairly well-defined.  I sent them back for another wash.

While I wait to see what happens, I'm raiding the stash for more of this yarn.  It's Peace Fleece Worsted, whose mohair content is such that felting it results in uber-fluffy fabric.  Halo-y and fuzzy, and everything one would hope for bunny (or any) slippers to be.  I'm in love with it all over again.

Naturally, my brain is exploding with ideas for other, non-bunny, slipper applications.  Stay tuned if you dare:  It might get loud in here.