Stranded With Mary: Part IV

Last Sunday I spent some time with the knitters of Yorkshire Yarns.  I'm sad to say it was our last official class of the series, but I'm so happy and proud of them all I could pretty much bust.  Beautiful Knitting, made by Beautiful Knitters:

Everybody is getting ready to do their finishing:  binding front and neckline edges, inserting sleeves, adding trims and closures.  These are some truly smart and powerful women: They worked on a compressed schedule to stay caught up for each class, supporting each other throughout the process.  And of course, the best part is that most of them had never done any stranded colorwork before when we first met.  Isn't it stunning what knitters can do?  Just by wanting to?  I'm telling you, Gentle Readers: The power of Knitters to pump beauty and joy into the universe from their hearts and their hands is limitless.  I think getting to spend time with them while they do it is one of the greatest gifts of my life.  I'm so thankful to them, for including me in their adventures.