On the advice of my family, and pretty much everyone else I've seen lately, I took a day off last weekend.  My pal Carson came up from San Francisco to visit, and, along with Lindsay, we attended the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival (OFFF to its friends).

      There were fleeces for sale.                             We learned about Hansen mini-spinners.

Lindsay loved the angora bunnies.  A Lot.  And the bunnies loved her back.

    We ate delicious baked goods.                            We made friends with sheep.

We learned to spin Gotland fleece in the Swedish style, with our hero Shelia January.

Did I mention there were fleeces for sale?  We didn't buy any, in an unprecedented display of self-control.  We kept reminding each other that we have unspun fleeces still at home from last year, and we can't have more until those are turned into yarn.  For the record, the smugness of having shown such self-discipline never quite manifested.  Instead, we spent the whole next day asking each other "why didn't we buy any fleeces, again?" and "How come you are so mean and wouldn't let me have any new fleeces?" and "When will I start feeling smug and self-disciplined?" 

In spite of that, I managed to come home with a few treasures, like out of print books for $5 each.  Lindsay managed to make $20 stretch from one end of the marketplace to the other, scoring no less than 6 different new types of fiber to try out spinning on.  I am so proud of my small fiber fiend.  Though I'm not entirely sure her wee stash is safe from her mother.  Some if it's Pygora, for pity's sake...

And best of all was seeing many friends there.  I haven't declared an official day off of work on my book since February.  And even people who love their work that much can burn out, so a small rest from thinking about it helped me to reconnect to all the things I love about it.

I'm back below decks today, rowing with the other slaves.  My intention is to have the entire last chapter finished on Friday.  Then there will only be knitting (more knitting), and re-writes to do.  And there are a few projects coming up that have been on hold until the book is done:  More about them all soon.  I promise you'll like them.