When I passed the final deadline for my book, waaaaay back in November, I may have come a little bit unpinned.  All the stress from the book project culminated in a roiling thundercloud of pent-up knitting energy.  A cloud whose storm would just have to  blow itself out.  The deluge took a very strange form, and it's only now, after the last gust of the tempest has finally died away, that I can identify it for what it really was:

Hurricane Bunny Slipper:

Or, if not a real hurricane, at least a Tropical Depression:

I made 8 pairs of felted bunny slippers between Thanksgiving and New Year.  And there at the end, the gene pool started to mutate, because the last pair of bunnies actually came out chickens.  Scary.

Multiplied 3.jpg

I'm glad the slipper storm finally subsided, because the next evolutionary step from chickens would have been something really weird, like Ring-Tailed Lemurs, and nobody wants to see that.  Least of all me.

I never have fallen prey to this particular disease before: Potato Chip Knitting.  You know, where you keep telling yourself "just one more, and then I'll stop".  I have never wanted to make the same pattern more than once (heck, I'm lucky to get TWO sleeves, never mind a whole second sweater).  Usually, as soon as I'm finished with a project, I'm totally out of love with it.  In fact, it's usually kind of dead to me, and I have to put it where I can't see it for a while before I like it again.

Not so with the Bunnies.  I flatly could not get enough.  It was a full-on Bunny Binge.  So disturbing.

And then, as suddenly as it began, it was over.  I even took a few days off from knitting, which was very strange indeed, and actually caused my family some concern.  I read a book.  I went to a movie with Phillip, without any knitting in my purse (when he noticed this, he panicked a little bit - it was so cute).

And now I'm ready to do the next thing.  Which I am pleased to announce will be something you have all asked for.  A Lot.  I'll be blogging it as I go, and it will correspond to the Sweater Workshop ("Stranded with Mary") I'm teaching HERE, starting January 14 (Sign up!  Let's play with string!).

Happy New Year, Gentle Readers.  I'm pleased to be back from my trip down the rabbit hole.