Knit-along, Little Dogies!

After the holidays (around the time we all are good and tired of winter), you and I, Gentle Readers, are gonna have a little Hoot.  It's the First-Ever Mary Scott Huff Mystery Knit-Along!  There will be clues, surprises, a race to the finish line, and fabulous prizes.  Click the picture below for more details (or the "Flight Pattern" button on the left sidebar):

I'll be sending out clues at the rate of one per week, beginning on January 30th.

Some knitters in Lakewood, WA, and in Gresham, OR have already planned to join in.  Will you come along too?  Are you brave enough to take my hand as I lead you on a Mysterious Knitting Adventure?  Come, on - you know you want to...All the cool kids are doing it.  And let's face it, If I keep talking about it here on the blog for the whole 30 days, you are going to feel good and sorry for yourself for missing out.  Why not ask Santa for $4.00 in your stocking so you can come and play with us!

And if those aren't good enough reasons, how about this?  When you sign up, the Knit-along version of the pattern is only $4.00.  I'll be offering the design as a complete pattern for sale after the KAL ends, but at a full price of $6.00.  Even if you aren't sure whether you'll actually participate , you'll still be getting a bargain on the pattern!

The first big surprise is here right now: Those clever colormakers at Abstract Fiber will be offering kits to match the sample.  If you really trust me (and it won't be hard when you see the yarn!) you can just grab the kit, cross your fingers, and come along with me for the ride...

Sign up today for all the preliminary information.  I'll let you know as soon as the kits are available.  Big. Big. Fun.