Frantic Embroidery

No, it's not the name of my new band, although it would be a really good one.  Instead, it's today's itinerary, here at Mary Scott Huff Hand Knitter International Headquarters.

Woman Embroidering by Paul Gaugin

Woman Embroidering by Paul Gaugin

Embroidery is a lot of fun, particularly when done on knitted fabric, using cashmere and wool.  I'm trying to ignore the panicky nature of the timeline I'm on:  12 days till the photo shoot for my book.  At which, I'm guessing, they would like to have some KNITTING to photograph.  Knitting that's finished, I'd bet, would be their preference. 

So I'm going sub-level, for a bit, while I embrace my inner Victorian.  My plan is to sit serenely in the parlour, cup of tea at my side, and embroider my ass off.  And failing that, it'll be cross-legged on the floor somewhere, beer within reach.  Either way, I'll see you cats on the other side.

Think finish-y thoughts for me - I'll report back soon.