Coming Attractions

I'd like to extend my sincere thanks to all of you, Gentle Readers, for your patience with me this summer.  21 finished garments and 128 swatches later, you haven't seen anything I've knitted since last February, which has GOT to make for some dull blog reading.  For those who have stuck with me, please accept my humble gratitude. For those who drifted away, I'll never blame you.  If you were wondering when things might get more visual here at the blog, let me assure you:  It's coming.  Tell your friends. 

First, here are some sneak peeks.  Some you have seen before, and accepted my promises that there would one day be patterns available.  Others are making their public debut:

Coming Attractions 1.jpg
Coming Attractions 2.jpg
Coming Attractions 3.jpg
Coming Attractions 4.jpg

There are five designs in all; Three for adults, and two for children.  I'll be self-publishing them all, and offering them on line only.  And here is where your expertise is required, dear friends:  How would you like to see them offered?  As a collection, in an e-book?  Pattern of the Month club?  Mystery Knitalong?  Individual patterns?  As well-versed knitting consumers, you know best what pattern delivery systems are fun, economical, and inspirational.  I'm asking you to share with me what you have done before that you liked (or didn't).  How exclusive do you like your patterns to be?  Would you rather buy them in a group, at a discount, or pick and choose individual designs? Thank you in advance for your input - you never steer me wrong.